Monica Gallagher

Prior to joining Summit, Ms. Gallagher was a Senior Eligibility Analyst for Cigna Healthcare since 2001.  Ms. Gallagher Administered benefit enrollments for a client base of 23 accounts (200 - 60,000 membership) on various lines of coverage including medical, dental, vision and FSA/HSA.  Administered for clients such as Shell Oil, State of Arizona, Texas A&M University and City of Tempe.  Ms. Gallagher came to Summit in 2006 as an Eligibility Service Representative and in 2008 was promoted to Customer Service/Eligibility Supervisor. In 2017 she was promoted to Manager of Customer Service.

Ms. Gallagher’s primary responsibilities have included the following responsibilities:
- Consulting clients and TPAs on data specifications for various electronic file layouts.
- Constructed algorithms for installation of new client data files as well as modified algorithms for established client database.
-  Introduced data files to Central Eligibility Database for mass production of member Identification Cards during client's open enrollment periods, resulting in meeting critical deadlines in limited time frames.
- Successfully migrated several accounts from outdated eligibility system to new platform.
-  Resolved data discrepancies and communicated recommendations to clients.
-  Supported department to ensure all team members met client's open enrollment deadlines.
-  Proactively communicated with internal partners of any client concerns or questions.
-  Supported client HR Departments with urgent enrollments for immediate access to care and/or claim issues.
-  Provided 24 hour turnaround to all client inquires.

Ms. Gallagher posse’s excellent management and communication skills.  She excels in providing efficient and effective customer service to individual needs of our clients.

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